Primary School Sports Day

Sports Day in primary school of the International School of Samui officially marks the long summer holiday. From this day, almost everyone is looking forward to their family trips, excursions and visitations with relatives back home.

That makes the event very important and special, because it is the last major event that an ISS primary student will remember for a certain academic year. Our teachers see to it that all our primary students have great fun through games and activities they have prepared. Every teacher from the primary school organised and set up their sports activity and all our students from Reception class to Year 6 had a go at them with the aim of amassing the most number of points for their house (Darwin/green; Einsten/red; and Newton/blue).

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It was a sports fest at school with parents joining, cheering, taking photos of their children for the entire day. Tag rugby, handball, long distance running, bowling, sprints, tug of war and target throwing were just some of the events that took place throughout the day.

It was a colourful day, literally, as students represented their house teams by wearing their respective house colour. And of course the parents too! It was almost like a mini-World Cup tournament at ISS as parents and teachers rooted for their favourite team.

Before the awarding ceremony, our parents participated in our annual parents sprint race. It was great to see how proactive our parents are.

This year they also tried to name the strongest parent-house team through a tug of war game. It was the best and shortest game of its kind -- apparently our parents are very strong and they ended up getting a piece of the rope on both sides!

Just look at this photo taken by Mrs Lees which perfectly captured the moment when the rope snapped! Everyone burst in laughter, except for Mr Roberts being in the centre of it all and was left in shock. It was just hilarious!

Click here to view the entire photo album of this event on Flickr

At the end of the day, there can only be one champion, and the reds dominated the playing fields! Congratulations Einstein for gathering a staggering 5,440 points.

Darwin came at a close second with 5,290 points whilst Newton will have a very good motivation to bounce back next year. Still, they managed to accumulate 4,660 points which is an amazing number considering there were about 50 children per house.

Overall, everyone had a wonderful time and all the teachers in primary school deserved a big pat on the back, especially Mr Hawkes who led the entire organisation and planning.

And thank you also to all our parents who captured beautiful moments of the day and shared it with us on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Feel free to tag us every time using @issamuiofficial or hashtag #ISSamui!

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