School trip: Year 1 goes to the beach!

Relating to their topic: Pirates Ahoy!

For Term 3, Year 1 students are learning literacy, numeracy, science, history and many more subjects by centralising these core subjects in one topic: Pirates. (To see the Term 3 curriculum statement, click here.)

30th April 2018 was an exciting day for the children!

As pirates are naturally adventurous, the class started off the term with an adventure trip to Choengmon beach -- a relatively quiet part of the island where children can safely carry out their lessons without distraction from tourists. Click on the image above to access the school trip album on Flickr.

They covered two main subjects: Science (discussing the different human senses) and Literacy. From their class teacher, Miss Spencer:

"This morning Year 1 went on a sensory Literacy trip to the beach. They explored the setting and described it using their sense of smell, touch, sight and hearing. Just as we were about to leave, the children spotted a floating bottle. We were shocked and surprised to find a message inside from a marooned pirate! We have taken the message back to school and we will be working hard over the next few days to work out where this poor pirate is stranded!"

From this day trip, the students went full speed ahead on their pirate-oriented learning and investigations.

Miss Spencer updates us via her Twitter account on what keeps our Year 1 pupils busy in class. It seems that, based on this last update, the children are trying to figure out which part of Koh Samui island did the poor pirate get stranded in.

Miss Spencer has many more educational and adventurous activities in the pipeline and we are looking forward to hearing the news that the pirate is rescued by our Year 1 investigators!

Our students are very excited about their topic, so much so that many of them (if not all) are happy to tell you their classroom stories!

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