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Senior School Movie! Twelfth Night: Or, Friday I’m in Love

Throughout the 2018-2019 School Year, the Senior School students have been filming a comic, tongue in cheek, satirical mockumentary about a week in the life at ISS leading up to the school talent show, ISS Show Off.

Inspired by the carnival portrayal of love – and Malvolio’s hilariously crude yellow stockings in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night: Or, What You Will’ and filmed in the style of the multi award winning BBC television series ‘The Office’ by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, ‘Twelfth Night: Or, Friday I’m in Love’ explores how love is not necessarily what is seems, and how taking yourself too seriously will inevitably result in laughable results.

Erng and Bright are ‘new’ siblings in Year 9 who arrive at ISS on the Monday leading up to ISS Show Off. They not only have to prepare for life at ISS and the talent show, but are the unwilling objects of desire for Faris and Rocco, and Ballet and Mind. Erng has to persevere with Rocco’s dancing, artistic skills and unique singing voice, as well as Faris’ bitter jealousy, while Ballet and Mind fight for the affection of YouTuber Bright. In the meantime, Victoria, Chaochan and Aleksi, three students who take themselves far too seriously, are unknowingly tricked by Daria and Tom into performing a preposterous hula-hoop dance at the talent show.

Unscripted and pure improvisation, ‘Twelfth Night: Or, Friday I’m in Love’ displays a droll and quaint interpretation of Oxford versus Cambridge, tests of strength, stress balls, music rehearsals and dancing, as well as many more comic experiences at ISS, showing how the Senior students certainly don’t take themselves too seriously.

Watch the movie part 1:

Watch Part 2:


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