Senior School activities in the last 2 weeks

Drama - Year 8 acting and public speaking exercises

In preparation for their Drama Theory Unit on William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night: Or, What You Will, the Year 8 students are learning about Petrarchan love in their practical Drama class. Twelfth Night’s Duke Orsino is infatuation with the Lady Olivia, who continues to refuse his advances; Orsino is a classic Petrarchan lover, he loves the pursuit of love and the thought of actually being in love – but only for superficial reasons and is melodramatic in and is self-consciously suffering due to the continual rejection.

The Year 8 students practised and performed traditional Petrarchan love scenarios, emulating the thoughts and behaviour, as well as alternative Petrarchan monologues on ridiculous and materialistic objects they would hope to obtain, and how they hope to get them.

Geography - Year 7 completed their projects that show River Landforms

D&T - Year 7 sewing project

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