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Students at ISS receive a high standard of education

Headmaster Jeremy Lees, Headmistress of Thai Language Khun Wanee and General Manager Khun Krung with Inspectors from EDT and ONESQA.

"The International School of Samui is a successful school where students make good overall progress in both their academic work and their personal development.

"Through its good curriculum, the school works hard to support students to close gaps in their attainment and to thrive as confident, independent individuals in an international setting."

-- Education Development Trust (EDT)

A good school is measured by its exam success but students’ true successes can only be measured once students’ leave their school setting and parents are asked by others: “How come your daughter speaks such beautiful English, where did she learn it?” ; “Astonishing results” ; “Your teenage son is well-grounded” ; or “Your son’s work ethic is commendable, where did he access this?”; “What confidence!” ; “It’s admirable your daughter is all-rounded and works hard at everything, where did she go to school?”. The list goes on….

The reality is that education is not only about knowledge but also mental stimulation, confidence, well-being, social skills, kindness towards others, self-discipline, routines and good work ethics. These are the fundamental pillars of a true British education.

At ISS, we feel so fortunate to have recently welcomed 4 inspectors from the highly respected Education Development Trust (EDT), an organisation which externally assesses accredited international schools around the World. Below are some of the criteria by which ISS was measured during its most recent inspection in May 2018:

  • Our overall teaching practices and assessments criteria from Year 11 to Early Years

  • Our attainment levels across all subjects areas

  • The relevance and delivery of our curriculum

  • Our pastoral care, well-being and confidence of our students.

  • Our language, SEN and ESP provisions.

  • Our sports provision and extra-curricular options

  • Our facilities, communication with parents, community feeling and overall environment.

The inspection process involved a three-day thorough examination of all our practices scrutinized by experienced educators and how these best practices fit into the standards set by the British and Thai governments with the aim of regulating the highly-coveted International School Accreditation.

Our inspector after his meeting with Years 1, 2 and 3 representatives

Our teachers were observed and assessed, their lesson plans and lesson delivery scrutinized to the core. Our standards were looked at in depth with strong judgment of whether “best practises” are consistently, being adhered to in every aspect of school life. Our provision for differentiation in all subject areas was examined with evidence of this needing to be forthcoming. The inspectors analyzed, whether as a British international school delivering the British curriculum, our students are achieving expected attainment levels and how are these targets being achieved? They scrutinized our facilities and how we are able to offer an all-rounded education giving all our students the opportunity to shine no matter their strengths?

We were measured against other schools where the student population will remain consistent through their primary and/or senior years. At ISS students come and go through the years, a large percentage of our students’ are EAL students, meaning all these factors can have a detrimental impact on standards of learning. However, at ISS we have satisfied the inspectors that none of these limitations limit our learning environment. EDT was complimentary of our overall standards in all areas of education and the environment in which our students learn.

"International School of Samui is recognised as having met the required standards for accreditation. The school has been awarded the Education Development Trust International School Quality Mark at Silver level which reflects the Good judgements or higher described within this report." -- EDT

We are very proud to have maintained our silver standard and, in another 5 years, we will strive for better with the aim of continuing to offer our international students the very best British education no matter their background. Congratulations to all our teachers and school staff for always giving and expecting the highest standards of learning.

ISS remains a non-selective school where students are strongly encouraged to be brave, active, confident, hardworking, kind and motivated. The inspectors were satisfied that, at ISS, we achieve our British ethos and reputable standard of education that the word “British” conveys and these achievements show in our results and successes across the board.


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