Year 2s' Health Oasis Trip

This week the Year 2’s went on a school trip to the Health Oasis Detox Centre in Bang Por.  The visit was to support their leaning in Science. The focus of the trip was to learn about:

· healthy and unhealthy eating 

· reasons why we need exercise

· effects of exercise and meditation

· Making good food choices and eating the right amounts of different types of food.

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On arrival Year 2 were welcomed with an introduction about the work they did at The Health Oasis Resort.  The staff talked to the children about the importance of detox in life and an explanation about the benefits of fruit and vegetables on the body.  The children then made a delicious, healthy fresh fruit and vegetable juice.  Following this, the staff at Health Oasis taught the children how to make their own almond milk. A healthy option to dairy.

The children were then split into two groups.  One group went to the fitness centre and experimented with the different machines.  We checked out our heart rate and our body temperature to see the effect exercise has on the body.  The staff discussed with the children the reasons why we need to exercise and do outdoor activities.

The other group visited the kitchen.  We tried some healthy options for food such as cauliflower  rice, spiraled zucchini as a pasta option and healthy dips such as hummus, cashew cheese with carrot, capsicum, cucumber sticks as a snack option.  We discussed the health benefits of eating all the colours of the rainbow and ways we can incorporate more vegetables in our diet.

We finished off the afternoon with a relaxing Meditation and Yoga session.  The staff had arranged a raffle for the children.  Some children won healthy plants and herbs to take home!  All the children received a recipe book of the foods they tried and made and a voucher to take home.  A huge thank you Madhav and all the staff at The Health Oasis Resort for taking the time to plan such a fun and educational trip. 

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