Year 6 ski lift challenge

Year 6 students were set an exciting challenge to design and build a ski lift made out of everyday items. The topic focus was ‘Countries and Continents’, with links to Frankenstein and the effects of tourism in the Alps. The class were given a unique transportation engineering challenge, to devise a method for skiers or hikers to get to the top of a mountain. The ‘chair lift’ had to be able to transport a plastic figure in an open front box from the bottom of a ‘valley’ to the top of a ‘mountain’ along a piece of string, without the figure falling out. Students designed their chairlift on paper, executed their designs, tested it and then prepared presentations to show the rest of the class.

All groups gave excellent demonstrations, showing successfully engineered ‘ski lifts’. A special congratulations goes out to Tobias, Julian and Kafield whose team won the overall challenge. Their ski lift successfully carried the plastic figure without it falling out and their presentation was well rehearsed, fun and informative.

141/21 Moo 6, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84320 Thailand

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