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Year 8 students conquering the world of Poetry

The Year 8 students successfully submitted their poems for the COBIS Poetry Competition 2019. The theme of this competition is "The Last Page" which parallels nicely with Year 8's topic.

The students have been studying Cambodian poetry as part of their South East Asian War Poetry unit, where they have looked at the effect the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot's Year Zero had on the people of Cambodia in the 1970s. The Khmer Rouge attempted to erase the past, through torture and mass executions, in an attempt to turn the nation into a self-sufficient agrarian utopia.

The Year 8s successfully wrote poems from the perspective of young Khmer Rouge soldiers. All the students have taken the subject to heart and wrote beautiful verses that illustrate the last page of Cambodian history before Pol Pot's genocidal regime took over the nation.

Three poems were chosen to represent our school globally: ‘Year Zero’ by Pia, ‘I’m Completely Blank’ by Ava and I Wonder’ by Jina have been selected and put forward to be judged with a chance of winning the competition.

The deadline of submission is on 8th February 2019, but at this early stage the students are already receiving admiration for their work from teachers all over the world.

Jina, Ava and Pia, we are very proud of you! Win or lose, you have already made a mark in the world with your writing reaching thousands of miles away.

Click on the links below to follow the comments on their writings, or even write comments yourself!

COBIS will announce the winners at the end of March. Whatever the results, you three are already winners at ISS!


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