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Geography: Year 5 goes to Hin Lad Waterfall

At the International School we are committed to providing school trips and field studies to enhance our students learning.

The Year 5 students are studying rivers as part of their Topic and Humanities learning this term. With this in mind, the pupils went to a wildly-popular natural setting for their Geography Field Trip. They hiked up to Hin Lad Waterfall on 6th March 2018. To know more about this attraction, click here.

The children gathered firsthand knowledge of their local land forms, river processes, water erosion and wildlife. The students were involved in data collection of the velocity of the water and the depth of the river. This will reinforce the work which the students have been studying in class.

It was a whole day trip, and the jungle was their classroom from 9am until 2pm. They brought lunch so they could eat together at the waterfall. And whilst there, they took advantage of the opportunity to paddle with their mates. The team was fully equipped with knowledge of health and safety while traveling, plenty of drinking water, sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent, etc.

To get a glimpse of their educational adventure that day, just look at more photos uploaded on our Flickr account.

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