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ISS Alumni visit from Bangkok

Adam, Eunsol and Evan talks about life in A-levels

Some of our Year 11 graduate students from the last academic year (2016/2017) came back to visit us on 22nd February 2018 to share with our current students what life is like after ISS. Adam, Eunsol and Ivan are now studying their A-levels and BTEC's at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok and were kind enough to come into school during their half term holiday break to talk to our Senior School students.

During the talk, Adam, Eunsol and Ivan walked us through their daily life as boarders in the 6th Form at Bromsgrove. They talked about subjects, courses and outside school activities. They boldly talked about their struggles and adjustments from the beginning and it was wonderful to hear how positive they are now of the whole experience and how much it was benefiting them. It was great to have them talk about these things in front of their younger friends. As they put it, when they first moved to Bromsgrove, they didn't really comprehend how challenging A-levels would be, both the academic challenges as well as the challenges of being a boarder away from Koh Samui.

It was a special day, and was the first activity of its kind at ISS. But we are positive it won’t be the last. It is our belief that the partnership with Bromsgrove is something to last for years and is beneficial to all parties, offering students at ISS who live on a small tropical island the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience a dynamic and busy 6th Form and meet students from a diverse and rich mix of backgrounds whilst remaining relatively close to their families back on Koh Samui.

One thing for sure: Adam, Eunsol and Ivan (along with Best and James who weren't present at the assembly) we are very proud of you. We are closely watching as you continue the great journey you have started! You are an inspiration for future graduates here at ISS.


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