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Samui Trail Run

On September 30th as part of the Koh Samui festival 2018 a 30 km trail race was hosted by local businesses. In an effort to keep plugged into our Samui Community, Mr Cosslett our PE teacher, gathered a team of the fittest students and teachers to take part in the event which raised funds for local charitable causes.

The race began at 5am in the Nathon area and participants were given a maximum of 9 hours to complete the course of 30kms (this in fact turned out to be 37,5 kms by Mr Cosslett's calculations). The ISS team completed the race in an average of 7 hours keeping as a team for the duration of the event. As a school community, ISS is incredibly proud of the strength of mind of these students and the motivation shown by our teachers to give students this chance to complete such a challenge.

The event was well organised with food, water and medical care stations strategically placed every 5kms, an important part of a successful event.

The terrain was challenging at times, leading through jungle and hills however also very scenic. A chance for our students to appreciate and understand the beauty of where they live.

A huge thank you to our teachers, Mr Cosslett, Mr Armitage & Mrs Groven and parent, Kunta for spending their precious Sunday trekking with our students'.

We would especially like to congratulate the following students for completing this race:

Nami, Mimp, Kya, Alex, Hut, Lily, Norma, Ballet, Samual, Milan, Bat-el and Sandra

Mr Cosslett shared a precious moment on his blog from that day.....:

"After completing the race of her life a quiet 15 year old girl with a tear in her eye said to her teacher 'Sir, I never thought I would be capable of something like this.'

"As a school and a community we are feeling incredibly proud of today's events. This morning at 5AM , 3 teachers, 12 students and 1 dad tackled what turned out to be the toughest challenge of their lives and made unforgettable memories in the process.

"A 30 trail race that actually turned out to be 37.5km featuring over 1250 m of elevation is not a feat that 90% of the human population could achieve let alone a group of 13-15 year olds.

"Well done. You all achieved something very special today."

#SeniorSchool #SamuiTrailRun

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