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Senior School activities & adventure week

The last couple of weeks in school for our senior students were filled with events, activities and adventure!

The kickoff was the activities afternoon organised by Miss Hawkins during the senior assembly on the 8th of June. There were four different stations each with a team building activity which was aimed at improving the senior students' communication skills by providing useful information, staying calm, not talking over another person and asking appropriate questions among others.

The following week, our Year 6 students went through a transition week where they had a test drive of the Year 7 route.

Simultaneously, our Year 10 students went around the island and in school as interns for their work experience week. From Mr Nunn, our Business Studies teacher:

"Our Year 10 students were recently given the task of finding and completing a week of work experience with an employer of their choice. Their placements this year were very varied, ranging from swimming coaching and running a fitness centre, to working in an international hospital and assisting in a printing service.

"Work experience not only complements the IGCSE Business Studies course, with students gaining first hand experience of life within a business, but also provides insight into the real-life world of work and the process of finding employment. All students are charged with choosing a placement, and organising all aspects of of their working week on their own.

"Our students always return from their week outside school with greater confidence when communicating with adults, and a better appreciation of what they will face later in life. All of them have fantastic stories to tell about the trials and tribulations of a week at work."

On our final week in school, our senior students enjoyed their activity week with off-shore campings, escape adventures, cooking showdown (in school), boat party and so much more.

In school, Mr Campbell, our resident chef, has launched the first annual "Hell's Kitchen Cook Off" with Year 9 and 10 students. The winning team was awarded the Anthony Bourdain Cooking Award. The students were put into two groups and had to cook an Asian inspired dish, a European inspired dish and a desert of their choosing and they were judged by selected members of staff (this year the judges were Mr Dan Gubbins, Khun Orm and Khun Aom).

Group 1 won with their dishes of: Pesto Pasta with Salmon, Yaki Soba Noodles with Pork and Apple Crumble!! (see photo above or click here for the entire album)

Finally, some of the senior students' camping adventures were postponed due to the sudden change in weather, but still went on to give our students a wonderful experience with their friends and colleagues.

Mr Cosslett shared some photos of their trip, which you can find on our Facebook page:


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