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Senior School House Captains aim for excellence this year!

Our Senior School house captains this year have been chosen and we are excited to hear about their plans for Cambridge and Oxford houses. Year 11 is a demanding year for any student with their first iGCSE mock exams looming during the first week of January, they have to plan and be prepared for the challenges ahead. So, taking on the challenge of house captain is not a role to be taken lightly. They will need to find time to organise, plan, lead, create, support and fundraise for their chosen charities and events.

Students at this age always show so much maturity and intelligence and it is wonderful to watch them grow into young adults preparing for the World away from the shores of Samui.

Alex Wregg heads the House of Cambridge which holds the academic success for the last 3 years.

Hut Kwanmuang is leading Oxford house. Oxford scooped the overall championship last year and this year it is Hut's goal to defend this title.

At ISS we love to celebrate the achievements of our students', in and out of the classroom and the house system allows all students a piece of this pie. Our students in senior school receive weekly updates of their successes and these play a big part in a positive atmosphere and can-do attitude amongst our students.

The weekly awards are displayed on the boards and also published online. Visit the school website to learn more about these awards: or follow our Flickr album here.

Alex and Hut's missions are to "make the school an even better place this year". The measure of any good school is the students' level of happiness and their motivation to work as hard as they can. Under the strong leadership of Mr Cosslett, as the senior school head, we are proud that both these aims have been achieved at ISS.

The first big project of the year for Alex and Hut is the Halloween Day in school. We are looking forward to watching more of these fantastic events throughout the year. Good Luck!


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