Senior school Prom: A night in Paris

15th June 2018. Year 10 and 11 students of academic year 2017/2018 at the International School of Samui spent an evening together with their friends and teachers at Prana Resort in Bangrak. At least for the last two years Prana (an international luxury hotel brand with hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Turkey) has been hosting our senior students for their prom night.

It was a wonderful prom evening for everyone and also an official farewell party to our Year 11 students. Mr Armitage, our Science teacher, who was mainly responsible in making it a perfect experience for our students, summarises the evening as follows:

"The Prom was at Prana resort in Bangrak. The theme for the evening was "A night in Paris."

"The students helped to make some of the decorations and Prana provided some as well. In total there were 34 students and 5 teachers. They had a western buffet provided which was delicious and I think most of the students agree as they piled up their plates with the food!

"After some food some of the boys retired to watch the football match in the bar area whilst most of the girls then took to the dance floor. Eventually everyone was up and dancing, especially when the YMCA came on! Some other favourites were Justin Beiber's "Baby" and Flo Rida's "My house".

"The dancing was broken up by a stand up segment by Phukhao and Mr Campbell, who hilariously said goodbye to the leaving "Year11s." The Prom King and Queen were then announced as Mathis and Nelly who got to show off their dancing skills together. After this the music restarted and the students then spent the rest of the night dancing, chatting amongst themselves or saying their farewells to the Year 11.

"The night wrapped up at 11pm with students from the House of Oxford singing their Speech Day winning song "Teenage Snowflake" (their own rendition of the popular song'Teenage Dirtbag' ) and then everyone started to make their way home. "

The senior school at the International School of Samui is different from primary in a way that our primary students engage in plenty of different activities over the course of the year. World Book Day, Easter Egg Hunt and Dance Show are just some of the examples.

As soon as our students enter their Year 7 level, schooling becomes a little more serious and they are treated as young adults. Sure, they still have fun learning time in the classrooms be it dissecting a pig's heart for their science lesson; sewing their own pillowcases; drawing a portrait of themselves; or performing satires during their literature lessons.

But whenever there is an event like this, it is always a bit more special for our senior students. And we are in favour of letting them party in a guided environment with their teachers present.

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