Senior School Team Sports Competition #1

Last week, senior students from Year 7 up to 11 played their last team sports competition for the first half of the term to determine who gets the first House Cups of the Academic Year 2018/2019.

Year 7 and 8 played on Tuesday during their normal PE time, whilst Year 9 to 11 played on Thursday. The games took place simultaneously on two different locations. The girls played in the Sports Hall/football pitch next door and the boys went to Samui United Academy football pitch for their matches.

On both days, the sun was scorching hot which only made the games tougher. But everyone took on the challenge and gave their best for their respective Houses: Oxford and Cambridge.

At the end of all the matches, only one House was allowed to take home the Team Sports Cup and that was Oxford. This was after 3 wins for Oxford: U13 Girls, U16 Boys and U16 Girls.

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Cambridge House did take home the U13 Boys football trophy. The lack of success on the sports field was nevertheless balanced out by a sound win in the academic field. Cambridge house students have this half-term accumulated a total of 2052 academic points against 1752 points for Oxford. You win some and lose some!!

House competitions are such an important experience for our growing students' bodies and minds. Research has shown that children who play competitive sports receive a great deal of good from the experience. There are so many enhanced benefits from being involved in healthy competitive inter-house sports which include development on a physical, mental and emotional level. Youth sports is known to enhance a child's emotional and mental development, helping him/her to mature at a steady and accelerated rate.

Note: Embedded photos in this article may not be displayed on the mobile version. To see all the photos, read this on your desktop or go to our Year 9 to 11 football Flickr Album.

Competitive sports require discipline and focus from children, especially as they grow older. Competitive sports are challenging for youth as they require kids and teens to cooperate, compete in a sportsman-like way, use strategy and communicate with one another. The mental health benefits of playing youth sports can last for a lifetime. Competition is a situation in which conflict and problems inevitably arise, and children who play team sports are more likely to handle conflict in positive ways. Communication is a major part of competitive sports, and students who learn to communicate also learn and react more positively.

Students at ISS love the challenge of these inter-house sports competitions and learn so much from these important experiences during their school days. All our students are encouraged to take part and support their team no matter their level of skill. We are awaiting with excitement the next inter-house events at the end of this term.

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