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Happy Valentines from the Senior students!

Our Senior students at the International School of Samui celebrated Valentines Day early this year. In the last week of this half term, students from Year 7 to 11 ran a "Valentines Day secret gift sale" where order forms changed hands and were filled in anonymously to send a gift to someone else.

This could probably be one of most memorable times in their senior years at ISS. The fun and excitement of receiving a gift from a friend and the thrill of trying to find out who it was!

Then on the 8th of February, a small store was set up to sell flowers, cards, cookies and... as Valentines Day celebrations evolve with the times, they also sold the wildly popular slime (with a Valentine theme of course) in the fair.

Our senior students are usually immersed in their daily routine inside the classroom, so it's nice to see special activities like this from them.

And actually, what they've done is very educational. Activities like this are their first experiences as entrepreneurs and it trains them the basics of starting a good business, ie, coming up with a quality product, marketing it and generating some profits.

Valentines Day is one of the most lucrative holidays for selling flowers, chocolates and anything sweet and our senior students are quite clever to take advantage of this. Proceeds of the sales went to the student council budget to be spent on school events.

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